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The doctors are frequently asked why babies and kids need to get adjusted. The answer is really simple…. they too have a spine! The first time a baby experiences trauma is during the birth process. Even the most natural of births can be traumatic for a newborn. The amount of force used to adjust a newborn is equivalent to closing your eye and placing your fingertip on your eyelid. Just enough so that you can feel that you are touching your eye. If that is all that is needed to move an entire bone into place, is it not fair to say that the birth process or the way the baby was sitting inside of mom is enough to push a bone out of place? Definitely!

The birth process is only one of many ways a child's spine can become subluxated or misaligned. The most common causes are crawling, learning to walk, climbing, falling, playing sports, and sitting in school. For this reason, every child should be checked at birth and at every developmental milestone.

It is common to assume that because most babies or kids are not complaining of neck pain or back pain that they would not require an adjustment or an evaluation by a chiropractor. Chiropractic evaluations and adjustments have nothing to do with the presence of or lack of pain! Chiropractic has everything to do with how the body is functioning! Some of the many ways a newborn or baby will indicate that they are not functioning at 100% are as follows: difficulty or inability to latch to the breast, colic, ear infections, spitting up/reflux, constipation, lack of weight gain, not sleeping, and delayed development. Even kids without symptoms should be checked by a chiropractor to ensure that their spines and bodies are growing and functioning as they should.

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In our technology-driven society, children are becoming victim to bad posture and health problems at a much earlier age than their parents. Cell phones, iPads, computers, video games, heavy back packs, increased screen time all are contributing to horrendous postures that are causing lack of function in their bodies. This lack of function is being expressed by increased childhood asthma, scoliosis, ADHD, allergies, headaches, migraines, and so many other childhood ailments.

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