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Jacquelyn Aldrich

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I am a woman of 48, born and raised in Westerly, RI. I married my high school sweetheart, birthed 4 sons, & spent a decade of my life pregnant and breastfeeding. Birth and milk are SACRED. The POWER of making CONNECTIONS has been the highlight of my 25 year career as a birth witness, nurse, educator, and lactation consultant. GOING PRIVATE is my way to continue the SACRED unity of PREGNANCY, BIRTH and MILK with the parents in my community sharing a uniquely intimate birth and breastfeeding experience. I will continue to bring forth knowledge of human growth, the birth process, birth planning, learning your body's physiology, movements, breathing, and skillfully observe you as you feed your babies. I am a SUPPORTER of my COMMUNITY. Community is SACRED.


I'm so in love with all the babies I get to see. All the wonderful conversations with their families. Observing Dr. Heather work her magic. She is a true HEALER. Being in her company is amazing.

The BEST time to work on feeding issues is immediately following your adjustment with Dr. Heather. It can be very beneficial to work on feeding techniques so you learn how to achieve a deep asymmetric latch. GREAT latches mean:

  • no pain

  • more milk

  • well fed happy babies

  • full, content babies

  • good supply

Come and invite us into your family. We are HONORED to be with you and we love what we do.


Visit our website to learn more about our other offerings: Childbirth, Breastfeeding/Chest Feeding, and Infant Care Classes

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